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Seriously, I don't understand why people like being mean. I especially loathe those who takes "being honest" as an excuse. I find them very, very rude. Bitch please, being straight forward is one thing, being mean is another. Even the worst things can be said in nice ways.
One of the worst people are the ones who are mean even to their spouse. Like, dafaq? It's one thing to say things out of concern and to, just, say it, cause you can or whatever. Take for example, to remind them that they have a slight weight problem is a very kind thought, only if you're concerned of their health. If you say mean things because you refuse to bare the "shame" that your other half being less pleasant looking or, rather in your words, fat and ugly, then shame on you. 
And it's not only a guy problem. I know girls who constantly compare their boyfriends' body to Channing Tatum when they watched The Vow, expecting their boyfs to start hitting the gym and get the bod of a surfer. 
Now, I know I'm in no position to talk about how a relationship should work, but try to be a bit considerate of one's feelings. I know too many who's confidence went down the drain when they received negative comments on their body from someone they love. I know some who starved, diet, and went all I-hate-myself. I hate seeing that. 
And to think that you're just "being honest" and "someone had to tell her". You're just being bloody irresponsible. 
And no, "no offence" does not help. 

Shit, why am I angry of a fictional character? 

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