Dear 17 year old me.
May 23, 2012 Wednesday, May 23, 2012 | 2 comments

(P.S. I hope you don't read this before you read my post to the 16 year old you wtf.)

Dear 17 year old me,
So yea. Just so you know, I'm now 18+, legal and young, though our dad disagrees the "young" part and is worried sick that I (or we) will never get married cause I no has boyfriend wtf.

Now you're in college, and I understand that you took Legal Studies cause the scumbag adviser lied that the subject was about business law wtf BUT it doesn't matter, just study the damn notes and you'll get through it, I swear. Same goes to Econs and Accounts. Maybe you're at a slight disadvantage compared to most of your course mates, but remember: Hardwork beats talent when talent won't work hard. Even if you're stupid, and your classmates still work hard wtf, if you work harder, you will definitely be better than what you are now. One of my biggest regrets was to be stubborn and gave myself excuses to be worse than others. And having "no accounting base" is a lame excuse wtf. You'll grow to learn to love the subjects, somehow. 

I mean, of course you will cause you'll be taking ACCA wtf. You probably don't know what it is now, and when you find out you'd probably be like wtf #impossibru.jpg but you can't doubt yourself, which is me WTF.

OH and you can drive! Cause you finally picked up your scumbag lazy ass and retook your undang. (If it's not too late, can you like, study for your undang?). AND you passed driving on first try! :D But considering the fact you don't have a car and the furthest you drove to was around Giant you might as well say you don't have a driving licence la wtf. Oh and don't go to the "Cemerlang Driving School". Scumbag instructor is scumbag. 

This year, there's going to be a whole lot of ups and downs. People like you, people don't like you; people be friend you, people talk behind you; and there's nothing you can do about it. All you can do, is pretend you can't hear them. It works, but sometimes you just can't be nice to everyone. And sometimes, being nice is not the answer to things. The truth hurts, but lies are worse. And sometimes, you just have to go with your guts. But wtf bitch, think before you do things okay? 

And remember no matter what, family first. They will be always there when you need them can go to. As long as you are honest, there's nothing to be afraid of. They won't judge you... well maybe they do wtf. BUT they'll still stick by you no matter what. Our sister is the best friend we can have. I promise you. :) 

OH and you ditched big eye color contacts! :D It's a really big step, though now when I look back, I don't see what the fuss is wtf. BUT I'm really really glad I did it. No one really realized actually wtf. No one really cares WTF. At this point, you've probably sworn you'd never get out of the house without big-eye contacts wtf but hey, you'll do it alright? Sure you'll be tempted to pick up wearing color-contacts again, but hundred tahan become gold wtf so just don't. 

This year, you'll meet people you'll  never forget, realize who are the people who've always been there for you, and most importantly, finally be okay with being who you really are.
It's not going to be easy, but hang in there. You'll be fine. :) 

Oh and you get addicted to twitter wtf. People will judge you a lot cause you curse a fair amount, talk really loud, laugh really loud, and have none fashion sense wtf. But as Marilyn Monroe said: If they can't handle your worse, they don't deserve your best. 

And please learn to take your own advice. Cause I'm still having trouble doing that now WTF So I thought maybe if you'd try harder now I might just listen to myself wtf.

19  18 + year old you. 
And this is how you look like, naked face with no make up, contact lenses or anything. 
STFU don't complain kthxbye.

I often wonder if things would be different for the both of us if I could talk to you and tell you what I know now, what you didn't know then. 
But then again I think if you didn't go through all this you wouldn't be who I am now, would you? Then I wouldn't be writing this post, then you can't read a post that doesn't exist... Then what the fuck would this post be?  #mindblowing
(Oh and you hashtag outside twitter. wtf.)