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Sep 6, 2012 Thursday, September 06, 2012 | 2 comments

Growing up, I fluctuated in between, but always have been more a tomboy than a girly girl. ... And I still am wtf -__-
I see guys as.. just guys wtf. In fact, I'm usually more comfortable with guys than girls lol.
And before you even start on me, yes, there is such thing as a "pure friendship" despite our gender difference. But that's what you DON'T want. Not if you like that guy anyway wtf

There are a few tips on how to attract the opposite sex (included: avoiding all beans so you won't fart; don't talk with your mouth full and how you shouldn't talk about what you're going to name your first child WTF) BUT I've complied all I know and summarized them into 3 simple rules! :D

1. Dress up, make up, look good
First impressions are always important. It's true what people say: Personality is what makes a person stay. But what they didn't say is this - The way you look is what that attract and interest people in to knowing you better.

True fact. Back when I looked like this, no one knew I exist. No I'm serious. I went to my primary school gathering and more than half of them have no idea who I was lol Cry laugh cannot wtf -__-

It's always nice to look good. :D It's not so much of how he reacts to your effort of looking good, but more of how you feel about yourself. You feel more confident when you dress better; and there's nothing sexier than confidence! ;)

BUT always remember to dress appropriately! And comfortably. Don't la sebab mau cantik wear heels to a concert. -_- As for make up, touch ups are good enough. Don't go turning your face into a canvas wtf. And please remember to always use water proof make up. You'll never know when it rains WTF

2. Make the first move
If he's not going to talk to you, go talk to him! If the person you're interested in is someone you have yet to officially meet, go forth and introduce yourself.  Be natural. It's very important to be comfortable. Put in some effort in creating a conversation. 
And remember that a conversation go both ways. Be genuinely interested in the things they say. Ask enough questions to keep the conversation going, but not so many it becomes an interrogation wtf. Offer some information about yourself too. :D Take the chance to get to know him.

Here's the catch: Talking, is only 7% of it. The other 93% of communication, is body language. Betcha didn't know that! :P

Smiling is the simplest thing to do. It's an international way of saying you're friendly and easy-to-mingle-with. :D Also, listen tentatively. Trust me when I tell you that people can tell when you're not listening. Keep eye-contact. Follow the 5-second rule: Hold their gaze for 5seconds and look away. By doing so, you're saying that you're actually listening and are interested in the things they're saying. And in them lol.

And last but not least,

3. Be yourself 
Know this: If he can't accept you for you who are, he's leaving soon anyway. So why waste precious time? 
It's very important to not lose sight of yourself in the process of trying to get someone's attention. Yes, you want them to like you, but there's really no point pretending to be someone you're not. 

Relax. Take deep breaths and be as you as possible. Be at ease.
The thing that attracts a person most is how they feel when they're around a particular person. You want them to be comfortable at your presence, with your company. 
Throw in some witty comments if you're one with sense of humor. Laugh at the things you find funny. 
Just go with it and have fun! :D Mingling is supposed to be fun! Enjoy every adrenaline rush, which you'll get constant dosage of! ;)

As long as you follow these simple 3 rules, you'd be attracting all the right people! :D Maybe they won't be the ones you think you want to attract, but trust me when I tell you that the ones you actually attract are the ones you REALLY want. ;)

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