Free fall
Mar 4, 2013 Monday, March 04, 2013 | 0 comments

They say "You are what you eat."
But I think you are who you talk about most wtf.

February had been extremely wonderful until the end of it. The past few days had not been the most pleasant, to put it lightly hahaha.

First, I lost my 2 month old Note 2, then I got involved in a rather dramatic real life soap opera wtf. 
Seriously, I will never understand how some girls live on drama. All the tears and pity and plotting I can't even. 
The 4 days of  melodrama has made up to the whole of my uneventful high school life, and might have even taken up the quote for the rest of my life wtf. 

BUT. Things are looking so much better nao! :D 

I have received so many kind words and realized that I have so so so so many great friends. 

I had never expected any of this to happen haha. But the bunch who was involved, I'm so so sorry to drag the most of you into this mess haha. But I'm so blessed to have you gaiz being so understanding. Especially the bear who has been witnessing everything from the beginning haha. THANK CHEESUS FOR POSITIVE PEOPLE ♡ hehehe

I'm extremely lucky to have this bunch of S4 women ♥ The things they said to console me, and to see them care so much, and their reaction as tho it was their phone stolen haha. ♥ So so so much love ♡
I know I damn gerli la haha but its true HAHA :p
So good to know that I have at least this bunch with me who will always be there for me. (`∀`)ノ♡

And also the babi who still owes me my water bottle HAHA. This is the first time in a long since we last had a proper skype conversation and it had to be because I had un-nice things to rage/rant about hahaha. 
I didnt want to go around telling the story la, but I was at the verge of imploding and he was the only one I could think of who didnt have personal connections with the people involved haha. 
And also cause he's really good at being calm all the time la, even when I was pretty much raging and caps locking the entire whatsapp convo lolol. 
I think it's really interesting how fate let people into your life in the weirdest ways. And I consider myself super super lucky to have met a brah like this (Y). ;)

In the end, what I lost monetarily, I have gained back in form of love and realization. 
I realized that not everyone is nice. And the people who are nice, I should be grateful for.
I realized that not everyone can be trusted. And I have been extremely lucky to have never been exposed to the possibility that I might meet someone I cannot trust before this. 
I realized that I have so many who loves me, so many who cares - even when we dont talk all the time. 
I realized how I'm so extremely lucky, to have peers who are understanding, to have so many who are willing to hear, and to have so many who I can be vulgar with HAHA. 

In the past 4 days, I have been exposed to so many things I never thought I'd experience, and learnt so many things I wouldn't have learnt otherwise. 

I'm so grateful for everyone of you who had been consoling me and advising me or doing anything of sort for the past few days. Thank you thank you thank you. <33 p="">