I also think I quite siao
Mar 29, 2013 Friday, March 29, 2013 | 0 comments

It's 4 in the morning and I feel the severe need to blog about my recent remotely close to happening life.
Its true what they say making things confusing almost makes things interesting wtf.

March has been making it relatively more difficult for me to feel as optimistic as I'd like to be.

I started the month getting myself another Note 2 after my previous one got stolen. And before you start calling me a rich kid or a spoilt brat,  I USED MY OWN SAVINGS FOR BOTH PHONES K. (Which, true, a part of it was allowance from my parents, BUT a large sum was from my own earnings k!)

I do work. Like little things here and there with pretty good pay. I'm lucky like that haha. I've always been extremely lucky most my life, I sometimes wonder if I have Luquid Luck in my blood stream wtf.
And so this month I so happenly stumbled upon a friend who was looking for a make up model for a friend. So I jokingly said I was interested... and got hired wtf.

This was like extremely lucky cause I actually get paid for doing nothing wtf. I put on clothes they want me to put on, then sit there and let people color my face, put on a wig, spray my hair with temp hair dye while I fall asleep wtf.
No really actually quite siasueh I really fell asleep WTF.

I'm on the right wtf.

QUITE SIAO LOR OK. I never thought I'd be a makeup model lol. I always thought that given my height, or the lack of actually wtf, the only time if ever I'd ever be a model is like, if the children's department desperately needed one WTF. Shaddup we shall never dwell on this wtf.
It wasn't a lot, but given the things I have to do, it was good money haha.

I also started proper work. Which explains my lack of blog updates of late haha. And  I can assure you that it is true what they say, uni life is 7854354 times better lol. Story for another time. Friggin long story haha. 

Uni is good as usual, asides of the fact that I'm pretty behind in terms of studies fml. BUT no matter. Never too late to start working harder nao! :D

On a very very bright note, the rest of my entire month was pretty much great! 

Went to Neway with the uni bunchyyyy 

Friends make life seven million times better. Especially when you have friends who are quite siao lol. 
Supposed to spend book voucher, ended up going karaoke cause we ADHD like that HAHAHA. 

Which reminds me, I still have not used my voucher lol. kkk #notetoself #notetoself haha

And lately I have been meeting up/ got back in touch with a lot of people who I had not been in touch with for a loooong time. 

Jianwei came all the way to Cheras to have lunch and we ended up having Subway HAHAHAHA Stupid max lol. But what to do, two Puchong kias in Cheras, the only place with food I know is Time Square HAHA.
No pic cause cannot la height diff too much wtf. 

Also got back in touch with Calvinn and had Manhattan dinz at Ampang Park Mall. 

And got in touch with the sesat Jiahao. Finally met the brah since like cny wtf. Some people is no heart one la tsk HAHA. But yea, finally caught up and talked super long. 
I've said this so many times, but I really feel super blessed to have so many I can never spend too much time with. Every time we meet, we spend hours talking srsly.

Then had Nandos and Starbucks with the luiyans ♥ forever talking hahaha
Learned so much about ma gans  from Jialu HAHA
K i admit. this had been in my draft for like 3 weeks nao Lol. Im dying to blog, but school work, work and idk life is making things really difficult. Im currently having too mich on my plate.

BUT! all is well nao. You'll be seeing more of me here! :D ... i think lolol.
In events where i lack update, i blame it on my brah's excessive claim in ownership on the computer lol wtf.

Till then, ta. xx