Do people even read word blogs anymore
Sep 1, 2013 Sunday, September 01, 2013 | 2 comments

最近非选择性的每天走苍白路线 所以就干脆连照片的颜色也给洗掉酱 wtf

More often that not, I find it so impossible to blog about my day on any occasion. Probably mainly because: 
1. I rarely have anything to blog about lol. My life revolves around the same people, and same activities - which is really just going to college wtf
2. Even when there is any occasion at all, I conveniently forget to take pictures all the time fml

And this would be one of the rare occasions where I actually have something to blog about, and got that much more certain that I subconsciously am determined to never take pictures in public wtf

I finally got to meet Bacho in the longest time! And just in time before he flies off lolol.
Supposed to have lunch at Yama&J, but due to some unforeseen circumstances *coughs*, it was cancelled. BUT it's all good cause there was dinner plans hehehehe

And it was one of the best dinners I've had in a long time!
I agreed without giving (or more like forgetting to give wtf) much thought to it when I was asked to join dinner - considering I know none of the other humans there asides of Bacho lol - and it was one of the better impulsive decisions I've made ever #seriousshit

Dinner was magical ✧✧ 
The food was amazinggg T___T E wei spent the entire afternoon preparing and cooking - homemade bread for appetizer (Ciabatta I think? I just went through the entire list of bread and it looks the most similar to ciabatta hahaha), salad one of the best ever dressings, uhmehzings lasagna and fried spaghetti for the main, and tiramisu for dessert (Y) 
Thank you so much for preparing such good food. T___T 

I am so torn between wanting a brother like him and not wanting to grow into a potato eating so much good food on a daily basis lololol
Come to think of it, cancelling lunch was a blessing really, else we probably wouldnt appreciate the amazing food E Wei made as much. So ok la thank you for oversleeping HAHA 

Then you have the company. 
It was a small dinner for 7, and everyone was so lovely! They were all so bubbly and easy to talk to! Despite my lack of verbal contribution wtf, it was so comfortable just sitting there and still feel like part of the conversation. And they were so nice to put in effort to include me in the conversation ♡
But didn't really work that way la cause takkan I talk about people they dont know hahaha BUT I had so much fun! :D

Then also, you have the driver HAHAHAHA
Public beribu-ribuan thanks to ermehzing Bacho, for going completely out of the way to fetch me over. I know you feel quite cheated HAHAHA 
I'm so bumped that we forgot to take a picture la ish -_-

But overall, today was dream ♡ 
I'm so grateful for all the extraordinary people I've met today! It has been awhile since I've mingled with people outside my usual circle. I've laughed so much, and also realized how much of a boring high-schooler I was LOLOL. 

I've said it a thousand times, but how did I ever get so lucky ♡♡  

Side note tho, I got fired from my part time job LOLOL. 
But it's still good luck! :D Everything is good luck hahaha
I take it as a sign that I should probably study harder than I am now hahahahahaha fml

ta's. x
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