Review: bloop nail polish
Jan 26, 2014 Sunday, January 26, 2014 | 0 comments

I have so many things I am obsessed about, but I have left a great trail of hints about my nail obsession. 

I've heard about bloop some time back, but never got the chance to try them before this. 
But thanks to HiShop, I was given my first ever bloop nail polish! 

HiShop sends things in the most beautiful boxes  ❤

Please note that color of the product in picture may defer from the actual color 
because I constantly overuse filters wtf

The one on the far left. 

no filter

bloop Color Code: H135
The shade of the bloop nail polish is very similar to HiShop's box - in between fuchsia and hot pink.

I was quite worried at first. 
I have a long history with pink nail polish, which really just involves them looking very awkward on my hands wtf. I find it very difficult to find a shade of pink that I like because they either make my fingers look dark/sickly/overly girly/Nicki Minaj wtf.

(excuse my lack of cleaning up lolol)

The color is by far my favorite pink srsly. Bonus love for being shimmery, but not too striking! 
It's feminine but not too girlish. I'd say that it is a very good combination of a good measure of Avril Lavigne, with a bit of Ariana Grande, and a dose of Jessica Rabbit.

bloop on a fake nail ie white base

One layer is good enough, but I put on another one for good measure. 
It dries real quickly. I took about a total of less than 6 minutes to paint all my nails twice!
Also, they are attractively glossy. It helps that the nail polish has a great consistency (not too watery or too kaw). It helps paint "smoothly" so there's no funny dents whatsoever. 

2 Days later

The nail polish is surprisingly very lasting! Especially considering the fact that I did loads of dishes wtf. Only the nail polish at the tips of my nails were a bit worn off, but the rest were still perfect. :D

But I thought since still so nice don't waste ma, so I touched up the tips a little and drew little flowers on them, using the gorgeous H135 as a base color!  (no before pictures cause I forgot to take haha)

Then my addiction kicked in and I couldn't stop painting wtf 

threw in some mermaid blue for contrast

 left hand (wah my hand can so awkward one -_-)
Blue flowers don't work too well wtf. It reminds me so much of strawberries lol. 

Overall I love this nail polish a lot! I love a good nail polish that keeps your nails pretty despite having to do a series of housework. With all the CNY spring cleaning going on, this bloop nail polish is definitely going to come in handy. Pardon the pun lolol. 

And the price? Only RM28 for 3 bottles at HiShop
Go check out bloop@HiShop for their beautiful variety of bloop nail polish! :D

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Thank you for reading! :D 
Stay tuned for my review on nail it! with bloop nail strips! (:

Blog again soon!
Love yall ♥ xxxx