Review: nail it! with bloop - for feet
Feb 13, 2014 Thursday, February 13, 2014 | 1 comments

After the review for nail it! with bloop for finger nails, it's only right if I did one for toes.

nail it! with bloop for feet! 


It comes in 22 pieces so if your toe nails sizes are as predicted, you can use them twice and can even make two mistakes wtf

single set + 1mistake margin wtf


Sorry ah I have very unflattering toes lolol. 
I have what some people call "taugeh toes". 
But if I got to name them they'd probably be called turnip toes wtf

Bonus useless funfact!:
Third toe on my right feet, and only right, is the longer than the second.
My sis takes it as a sign that I'm born to be vulgar lololol
(But I'm not pls wtf)

[Procedures are same as  nail it! with bloop for fingers]

close up

But at least got feet right. Must be grateful wtf. 

Hopefully helpful tips ie imo:
1. Avoid light colors if the skin of your feet is dull/dry. The contrasts draws attention to your flaws. 
2. Always pre-match the size of the nail foil with your nails. Trim sides slightly if they don't fit. 
3. The ends of each nail foil are of similar shape; you can put them on however you want really. 
4. If your toe nails are too short, you can try using fake nails for better effect. (may not last as long)

Truth be told, even using normal being standards, I probably still care too little for my toes lol. Which constitutes to feet as shown above wtf. Say real one la, the first ever time in my life I've painted my toes was 2 weeks ago lol. 

I personally think that this product helps covers up flaws like overly short nails and uneven nail surface. It's really easy to use too! It takes a bit of practice and figuring outs for the first few nails, but the rest was a breeze. Complete day savor! :D

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Thanks for reading! :)

I'll blog again soon. 
Love yallll  xxxx