Review: Beauty Foot updates
Aug 24, 2014 Sunday, August 24, 2014 | 1 comments

I originally wanted to update my previous post about BeautyFoot, but I had to post a seperate blog post for this.

To be frank, even with my previous experiences with HiShop's products (which were always amazing), I was still a bit skeptical when I first saw this hahaha. You have to understand that my feet are seriously ridiculously scaly to begin with, and I've lived with it for more than a decade.

The day after I used BeautyFoot, I saw no changes. It was normal, but a tad bit more dry.
The thing about BeautyFoot is that it needs time to take effect as the function of it is mainly to accelerate the shedding of dead skins on the feet, so you can't expect immediate results. 

A few days later, my feet seemed to worsen- it was a lot rougher, drier, and catches more dirt than usual wtf. My feet was darker, and looked dirtier than before. But it's a phase. 
I was terrified that it would stay like that forever HAHAHA. But I now know that those are just dead cells accumulating at the feet while new cells regenerate.

As the days pass, the dead cells become some sort of feet dandruff wtf I left dead cell trails everywhere I went my mom was not amused LOL. And even tho it was mentioned on the package that you get your new baby-skin feet in 5-7days, it took me a bit more than 2 weeks for the entire process.

It's the 15th day today and I still have some peeling skin, but only minimal.

I've never taken feet-selfies before this so they're all at very unflattering angles wtf, but progress pics are musts. Else it defeets the purpose right?
#seewhatididthere #gedditgedditgeddit wtf


If they ever come out with BeautyKnee/BeautyElbow/BeautyHand, I'll probably just decide to turn into a snake wtf. SHED ALL THE SKIN 

Though, there are a few things I should mention, just to get your ready:
1. The gel socks are a little not-comfortable.
I can't say it's uncomfortable, but it's definitely not comfortable hahaha. It is made of plastic, which makes walking quite a challenge when you're in it. And the substance in it tingles a little when it's working on the feet. 
But it's only 1.5 - 2 hours, so it's really no biggie. 

2. You're gonna shed - a lot. 
Like I said, I left feet-dandruff trails everywhere. It might be because I was a bad case with a lot of dead feet cells to begin with, I'm not sure. But I thought I should give you a heads up on how much vacuuming you'd have to do hahahaha
You can choose to wear socks for the time being. Free DNA collection samore wtf

I'll be honest and admit that I did peel a little. The areas where I peeled didn't heal as well as the rest of my feet did. SO DO NOT PEEL. I REPEAT. DO NOT PEEL. 

4. It regenerates new skin, but...
It doesn't solve things like deep-cracked skin - which is reasonable tbh. After all, they're only meant to help shed dead skin cells. Where there are deeper scars or openings, it doesn't help it heal. 
But it's all minor things compared to what I had before. 

I swear they don't pay me to say this, but I'm so happy with the results I kept making people feel my feet LOLOL. Psycho shit, but it's really that good. 

Even my mom, who has always agreed that my cracked heels are terrible and constantly pestered me to take better care of my soles, is contemplating to take 2 weeks off work to stay at home and shed her way to smooth feet after seeing how my feet are like after I used BeautyFoot.


I shall let me end this post with a more decent selfie with Miss Malaysia World 2013 Melinder Bhullar and Camy from another event as a bribe pls forget about my feet k wtf

Thank you for reading! 
Love you xx