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2014 had been a year of changes.

I initially started this post saying that my biggest accomplishment of the year would have been that I learnt to procrastinate less. But seeing that this post has been sitting in my draft for 3 days now, I take it back wtf. *adds learning how to procrastinate effectively to 2015 new years resolution wtf*

But it is true that a lot has changed this year. For the better, for the worse - and thankfully, mostly for the better.
1. I drive better
This is old news by now, but I CAN DRIVE NAO WOOP WOOP  (/◦^⌣^◦)/***
Honestly, until now I still get really excited by the fact that I can drive lolol. Quite siasueh la cause I'm like 21 and still so new at this fml but real progress lor! I only truly started driving this March, but it's not until June did I drive out alone, and even that I needed a week notice beforehand else I'll get so nervous I feel my heart in my throat do you understand T_T
Now I can drive to new places on the spot no problem! (* ˘⌣˘)◞  As long as it's not that far and got Google Maps wtf. My dependency on Google Maps is unreal fml but one step at a time la k

2. I moved.
I'm pretty neutral about the move tbh. It didn't even feel real until we had to start bringing things over.
Leaving everything behind was definitely scary, especially to a place so geographically unfamiliar and relatively foreign, but it was also equally exciting. New beginnings and all the cliche sayings.
Though, I can't say I had fun at all doing all the cleaning wtf. But twas worth it.

3. I can cook better now.
I give all the credit to Masterchef Korea, and also my fam's undying confidence in me HAHA.
Still a far cry from being remotely good, but I wing quite a number of things. And not all using the microwave ehehe. It doesn't always taste the way it is expected to taste like BUT definitely safe to eat la! No one ever gotten sick from my food hahahaha

4. I worked as a promoter
Full post here.

5. I danced on stage with a pizza
LIFE GOALS OK HAHAHA. It was pretty close to exams and it had been a long time since my last performace so I was nerve-wrecked all the time, but I had a wonderful time doing this piece.
I mean, when else will I get to dance with pizzas as props yow.

6. I joined a poetry recital competition for the first time
Yup. So very out of character, but yupp. I misunderstood and thought I had to produce my own piece, turns out can just use other famous ones wtf. I was so nervous I rapped through the thing with minimal emphasis on intonation, Teacher Anne will not be amused lolol.
But it's a first. Most likely last too wtf. But it was also this incident where Katha and I actually talked and began to get close, so I am glad I participated ♥

7. I participated in ICBC 2014
And it was wonderful. Meeting people with big dreams is one of my top favorite things, and there were so many! It was an eye-opener because we could really tell how much we lack in presentation skill compared to actual degree students. But a few of us still did get offers to work in one or two of the Big Four firms so I guess we weren't as terrible as I thought we were wtf.

8. Tried acting for video projects
I am genuinely thankful to be able to be part of the projects. I learnt so much watching them setting up things and adjusting lightings, everything had to be so precise. Even the smallest detail made the difference of the world I was so fascinated by everything! The most distinct memory was that Loki had to sit ON the car with the camera while KL reversed it because we couldn't get a.. camera wheel thing idk what it's called wtf. SO MUCH EFFORT WTF. I appreciate videos so much more nao.
Of course, it was only that enjoyable because of the people I got to meet through the project. They were all such precious gems who are always so nice and so patient with me and really went the extra mile to 照顾我 until I also paiseh wtf.
But all could only be done bc boyflen was willing to chauffeur me every time they needed me there la hehe (♡^^♡)ノ∿♥

I've said it before that one of my favorite things is watching passionate people doing the things they love, and it was exactly how it felt like watching them work. My heart was so light just being around them, I had the loveliest time (:
Both projects were really different - everything from the nature of the film to the people I worked with were different - and I am so glad I got to be part of both.

I also learnt that I have minimal talent in acting so that's one career I am never venturing into HAHAHA But now at least I can say I tried acting before la wtf

9. I got my first laptop.
After procrastinating for  little more than 3 years, I finally decided to wing it and bought the first laptop the shopkeeper recommended wtf. I know I probably should compare specs and price and all but I really cannot be too bothered anymore lolol. But so far so smooth so it's all good hahaha
But it also means a lot more rubbish post from me hahahahhahahha

Then there are a bunch of other things, like I studied in two colleges for one sem, I played tourist in KL alone, sold our piano, learnt how to shop online wtf, watched Running Man for the first time, finally able to sorta recognize SNSD members, learnt to be alone, learnt to be dependent, became more independent,  grew to love more, accept love in all kinds more, fell in love more, show love more.

And as always, I am thankful for being so so blessed with magical people in my life.
I have been the happiest I have been in a long time, and I have always been really happy.
(Everything else on dayre because I hate being redundant)

K gotta rush out for a bit!
Blog soon love  ♥

Thank you for reading! 
love you  ♥