Gratitude Post
Sep 18, 2013 Wednesday, September 18, 2013 | 0 comments

I was once told that a year for a 17 year old would seem longer than the same for a 35 - something about a year being 1/17 of your life time in comparison to 1/35 of a life time. 

And maybe that's why time has slipping away so fast lately: I'm getting older wtf. 
That, or I have been wasting more time than I had planned wtf.
lol jk what is planning wtf


#1 Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the good food 
I have been pampered with the best of foods for like idk my entire life really, but the past two months had been intense! Ranging from the BEST pork mee noodle I have been having for like 3 years now wtf, to uhmehzing homecooked everything, to Chilli Fries (picture above), to popcorn, to home cooked popiah - which is magical really, I had like 10 of those for lunch, then another 4 for dinner wtf -, and sushi buffets. 

Yes, buffets. Plural wtf. Throw me in a good buffet spread and you can bet on it that I will eat enough for like 3 of me. 
And in this case, it was sushi buffets, at the same place, TWO DAYS IN A ROW WTF. I bet you the people there probably judge me like no tomorrow lol. I go there so much they even remember my name by heart wtf.

BUT STILL. I am so so so grateful for all the food! ♡
Even more now that my dad developed a love for experimenting new cooking methods, I get to eat ALL the more good stuff! HEHEHE #fatkidforlaife

#2 Thank you thank you thank you for the best companies 
If there is one thing I love more than a good meal, is a casual do-anything with comfortable company. 

I know I complain that I have no friends on a, like, minute basis, but its not entirely true la ok hahah. Even if I'd love to think that I'm one, I'm not one of those social butterflies that can handle small talks; all the questions and awkward pauses and all omg. I am horrid at small talks. I would pick giving a speech over small talks in a heart beat I'm so serious. 
So if I ever stop responding to your messages like even after you pretty much said "hey" 200 times, I'm sorry, chemistry's not getting thru; it's not you, its me wtf. 

But I got really really lucky to meet quite a number that I absolutely click with! We could go on for days/weeks/months not talking but when we do, the chat would be so intensely we'd probably burn off more calories than we would running wtf. 
And I am forever grateful for that! The amount of balance I feel after a good meet up session/chat is a miracle. 

To top that, I have been so lucky this circle of magical humans keep increasing in numbers; the new ones as good as the old, the old ones keep getting closer (and more vulgar, added up with having to put minimal effort in keeping whatever's left of my reputation lolol), thank-yous wont even come close to express the amount of gratitude I have for them ♡

#3 Thank you thank you thank you for my amazing family

le parents

The ultimate blessing of my life is the people I live with. I pretty much have been quirky all my life, combo-ed up with the worst puns, lamest jokes, and a severe lack of common sense wtf. It doesnt sound so bad when you put it in words, but imagine having to face that on a daily basis - and I rarely ever shut up wtf. But they have accepted me for everything I am (and caught the lame pun humour even lolol).
(on second thought, my mom is probably going to be lamer than I am anytime soon lolol #nobutsrsly)

What I love most about us is that we can talk about really almost everything. Heck, we almost always read each others mind so much so my sis tells me to shut up before I try telling a joke LOLOL.

My siblings are the two lilshits I will never trade anything for. 
I am almost proud of how my sister and I fight and make up literally on the spot. Our fights never last, like never. We talk about everything in the world - more often than not things that dont make sense or will probably never happen. And my brah is just this lil ghetto homie that makes the wittiest sarcastic comments so fast I always feel like my life is a sitcom I never realized I live in wtf. 

They say family is one group of people you don't get to choose. Every time I remember this, I wonder how I got so incredulously lucky to land in the company of these people ♡

#4 Thank you thank you thank you for good hunches
I read that hunches are really just decisions made based on things you only subconsciously know, which makes it seem really irrational on a conscious level because.
But even till now I still get torn between following my gut feeling or not cause yea you subconsciously know it but even things you know on a conscious level may be wrong so how would you know if you know-know something you're not even sure what it is you know do you get me

BUT so far, most of the decisions I've made based completely on "having good feelings" had landed me in the most magical circumstances. I've met the most amazing people who were both humble and inspiring, done things I'd never imagined doing, learnt things that I nearly would never have, been to places I would have never been, and most important of all, learnt to love so much that it became a physical feel. ♡

Admittedly there are some where the outcomes had me beaten up myself for, but they never ended even close to bad. In some ways, they lead to better things after. (:
There's a saying about how the every past event is what that brought you to where you are, and who you are now. And for that, I am so so grateful ♡

#5 Thank you thank you thank you for my crazy amount luck 
I've already said it so many times in this post alone: I am one blessed kid with the most generous amount of good luck. In mandarin we call the people who comes in your life and aggressively throw good things at you "贵人", which is literally translated to expensive people wtf. 
But they are really priceless. 

All my life, now that I think about it, I have been showered with so so so many of theses 贵人s that I owe my current life to. 
Not that they have ever thrown money at me or showered me with gifts la ok nothing monetary.. not that I mind la actually HAHA I kid I kid wtf. 
But they had taught me things I would never have learnt in books, or I would only have learnt about too late. And for that I am excessively thankful for these people who, directly or indirectly, gave me opportunities of so many other things. ♡

I would go on but it would mean that I'd have another 972 more to go lolol. 

But for now, I would like to thank God for everything I have now. Thank you for placing all the right people in my life. Thank you for teaching me gratitude. Thank you for the good things I have yet to receive but are on their way to me. Thank you for everything. ♡♡ #blessed