November, thanks for being so nice ♥
Nov 30, 2011 Wednesday, November 30, 2011 | 0 comments

November has came to an end.


November had been one dramatic month, but nonetheless, one of the best months. :) 
For starters, I blogged 19 times wtf

  • Took my SAM finals, which marks the end of my Pre-U life.
  • Went Taylor's lakeside for the first ever time (yes I know, #superfail taylors student wtf)
  • Hung out till late at night
  • Skyped till 630am #bestrecordever
  • Ate @ Face-to-Face for the first time fml after studying in SS15 Taylor's College for 10 months wtf
  • Made impulsive decisions 
  • Slept-over for the second time in my life (Y)
  • 6 hours of dance practise in total for a performance wtf #lastminuteplans
  • Watched Smurf! Like, finally
  • Had my first prom also #lastminuteplans wtf, hence no prom date wtf wtf
  • Performed for my prom
  • Watched "You're the Apple of my Eye" (Y)
  • Shopped A LOT ♥♥♥
  • Ate @ Korean Street Cafe for the first time :3
  • Slept even more wtf -.-
  • Posted ugly drawings on facebook wtf
  • Went Jogoya with ze Pohfam 
  • Hangged out with the Huien
  • Went for my first Blogger food review event (review in progress)
  • Started playing CastleVille and Tetris Battle wtf
  • Finished reading 2 books! :D 
  • Oh and started playing piano again :P
Wer, listing it out like that, it seems like I had quite a lot done wei :D

November, thank you for being so so kind to me. 
With all loves and hugs, I'll miss you. 

Dear December, please be kind. xx ;)

Happy December, people! :D

December, please please please be awesome