Twenty-twelve, a year of change.
Dec 31, 2012 Monday, December 31, 2012 | 0 comments

At the end of every year, I look back, and see how much I changed throughout the year. 
And every year, without fail, I surprise myself by changing so much, in ways I never thought possible.

-My ACCA course. 
I had only taken up accounting in my college year, so my understanding towards it is as good as clueless. As for ACCA, I was ignorant enough to not even know it exists wtf. I remember swearing numerous times that I will never, never, be an accountant. I guess I never listen wtf. 
But it was a fresh start. 

-Valentine's day
I have this incredibly great luck where I always meet nicest people, which and who, I am very grateful of. This year's was better than all the rest - I actually had a date. A friendly one la, but a date nonetheless. It's a bit of cray actually. We've only got to know each other through a mutual friend (of which I am not close to also wtf), but we hit off pretty well, and decided to accompany each other on Single Awareness Day lol. It was great, thankfully. No awkwardness, nothing funny, just plain doing what I love best - chilling.
Overall a very eventful day haha

-Went back to visit TDC. So many juniors I dont even know where to start. It was awkz la, cause it had been my first time back to TDC after graduating, but once the dance floor was open, TDC is back as one! :D Dancing does that; it makes people who love dancing bond naturally. :) 
-Went to HELP Damansara for Back To Street too. And, got to meet - and actually get to know- TDC senior, Aino. Like I said before, I'm extrememly grateful for my immense luck in meeting all the best people everywhere. He was a great company, very fast to break the ice, and very fun to gap lui with HAHAHA. If it wasn't pointed out, I wouldn't have realized that this B2S show case meet-up was only our 3rd time seeing each other hahaha.
-Choreo-ed and danced a short solo piece for an advert casting. Didn't get the part, but the experience was worth a thousand. Went with the TDC bunch, met some HUC people and made so many new friends. Some of which we became so close we kept in touch ever since, and occasionally go karaoke together wtf. Yes, only the two of us singing cause we swag lolol.

One of the things I am most proud of 2012. Special thanks to the same awesome person who was my Valentine's day partner, for spending every chance he had convincing me to ditch my color contacts, and even tried persuading me to go fine dining in specs haha. Not happening. LOL. 

-First time in my life I have ever studied so hard. 
And I suddenly realized how old I am wtf. 

June: More exams wtf
-Very hectic, but nonetheless, fun wtf. Having a friend who stays in a hostel is great fun really. His nest had been our (the uni bunch) favorite hangout place. Which was really, really, highlight-of-my-life worthy. :)
-Sleptover at GBY's, first time getting near-drunk, took care of drunk people, slept for 20 minutes in 2 days, and did loads of embarrassing things haha wtf
-Went karaoke with a friend I barely knew, but went thankfully smooth. 
-And realized how puberty has changed my face hahaha.
Actually I'm quite proud that I used to be ugly lol but you cannot say I ugly HAHA wtf.

-Also had one of the best E7 gathering, then after that headed to sleepover with the Pro Gang bunch


cutest kid of the month HAHA 

-Watched Step Up 4 and won some movie merch! :D 

-First time trying Uncle Jang too! :D Catch up session at it's best! :)
-Learnt about the Six Degrees of Seperation. 
-And a whole month of just being utterly grateful of all the people around me. ♥

Aussie aunt came back :) 
- Got things sorted out haha 
- A lot of time well spent with leboyf :) 

- Got elected as student committee. As public relation. First time writing a personal statement lol
- Tried Bakkutteh burger with leboyf. 
- (Further Summary) wah I lazy until really can one wtf. 

December: The best month of the year ♥
- Exams. Trust me when I say ACCA is not cute lol. Cause, really. It's like they're just out to get you wtf. 
- Had the best 19th birthday, by far :)
- Went for work training! Super love it I'm not even being sarcastic.
- Tried clubbing. Err.. not my thing hahaha. 
- Went Langkawi with the awesome RS peeps. ♥ One of the best 3 days of my life! Love them to bits la omg. The perfect way to end 2012. :) 

2012 had been so so so kind. I've learnt so much. I lost some, but gain more; lost some friends, but gained so many real ones. 

Thank you, 2012, for being so generous. Thank you, all of you who had made the year only very very special. Thank you, for everything. :)